RINDEV is not your
typical company

Our roots stem from the outdoor recreational environment. We started RINDEV because the products on the market today do not hold up to our standards. We are not just building a vehicle to sell; we are building a vehicle we are proud to call our own.

Our team is comprised of individuals who place equal emphasis on quality, performance, and sustainability. We will not be found hiding behind desks with unreachable customer service, instead, we will be out on the trails hosting events for everyone to take part in. By participating in various environmental cleanups and stewardship events, we can work toward building a community around our products and practices, one that will help to uphold our vision of how the recreational market should be interacting with the environment.

Our commitment

We are committed investing in American jobs and protecting America’s public lands by accelerating the shift to electric within the recreational vehicle market. We will do so without sacrificing quality, performance, or by disregarding our impact on the environment.

Our practices

From the beginning, RINDEV has strategically partnered with environmental groups and motorsport enthusiasts, working closely with them to ensure our products address the desires of the community and our practices remain sustainable.

All our vehicles are assembled in Colorado and utilize American-sourced components and up-cycled plastic whenever possible. Some of the recycled plastics used in the production of our vehicles can be brought back to us for future use, and this includes our batteries.

Our Partners

RINDEV is partnering with riding clubs and conservation associations nationwide to protect the future of off-roading and the environment. Electric side-by-sides present an opportunity to re-open some riding areas that have been closed to gas-engine models. With the help of our partners, we work to coordinate, host, and take part in various events ranging from volunteer days focused on stewardship, to motorsport events focused on vehicle performance. There is something for everyone. To keep up to date, sign up for our newsletter to receive information on when and where you can participate.