Service with an

Become A Service Center

From sales to service, we want to transform the customer experience, and this reflects in how we handle customization, repairs, and maintenance.

Instead of opening our own repair centers, we will partner with already established shops who are willing to become RINDEV certified. This partnership will certify the selected shops to work on RINDEV vehicles and will ensure their vehicle technicians have direct access to RINDEV engineers.

Satisfaction is key

RINDEV wants to help existing shops attract new customers and grow their business. This gives customers the opportunity to work with shops they already know and trust, in addition to giving the vehicle technicians the direct support of RINDEV. This method ensures repairs are handled properly and allows direct access to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, supplied by RINDEV.

5-Star Service

We ask that our partner shops uphold a certain customer satisfaction rating when it comes to RINDEV customers.

We understand that the dealer’s customer satisfaction rating in part depends upon our own responsiveness to our service partners. RINDEV intends to provide best-in-class service and parts support for these partners including same-day shipping, real-time service support, and proven diagnostic algorithms for even the most complex electric vehicle issues.


RINDEV is committed to the safety of all our customers and the technicians servicing our vehicles. We are adopting strict safety practices in our designs and service procedures and will educate our customers and service partners in these practices as needed, every step of the way.

Battery Replacement

RINDEV will supply new battery components if needed. Proper handing and recycling will be emphasized with each shop we work with.

Becoming Certified

  1. The first step in the process of becoming certified is to fill out an application.
  2. From here, we will contact you to learn more about yourself, your business, and set up a time to tour your shop.
  3. Once we finalize our partnership, our team members will provide your technicians with vehicle-specific training and demonstrate proper repair techniques.

We will provide additional training for any shop that wishes to help customers not only repair their vehicles but customize them as well.

Training will consist of comprehensive online instruction and hands on vehicle repair.

Should an issue arise, be it difficulty with diagnosing or replacing a part, RINDEV will provide direct assistance to the shop, working to quickly identify the issue and help with the repair process.

We will strive to support all shops via their preferred form of communication. If needed, we will gladly send out an engineer to work directly with the vehicle and technician. No customer will be left feeling undervalued by RINDEV or any of its certified service centers.


We want to work with shops that share our standards and are committed to upholding our values. If you believe your shop, big or small, would be a good fit, please fill out this application. We look forward to working with you to grow your business!